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The Learning Labs takes pleasure in introducing an established service provider from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). For years, we have excelled in delighting individuals as well as corporate clients with different kinds of services like numerology counselling services, psychometric counselling services, analytical psychology counselling services, dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test training, and business booster program. The company is acclaimed in the domain for its proven credentials in counseling and training. We have an active presence in the industry, and our services are praised for being effective, relevant, and affordable. We have a strong team of experts, which enables us to serve clients in the best manner possible up to their satisfaction.

  • Who We are

    The Learning Lab is a new-age digital learning solutions provider that offers the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, steady-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home.

  • Smart Class
    The Learning Lab transforms Traditional Classrooms into engaging.
  • Smart Study
    The Learning Lab Smart study Tablets use Curriculum-alingned multimedia modules.
  • Job Workshops
    The Job Workshop is a unique industry oriented training programme.

  • Our Achievements

  • 2018
    Year of Foundation
  • 765
  • 125
  • 150
    Career Experts

  • Educational Programme

  • What Our Student Saying

  • Mr. Harish
    Before coming The Learning Lab, I was lost and had no idea about what to do in my life. I was planning to do engineering but I was diagnosed with dyslexia and discalculia and was told that i would not be able to do engineering.
  • Mr. Mukesh
    The Learning Lab brings with itself a unique perspective for students to understand one's own self, and find the perfect career fit. While it's unique assessment style pushes a person to unlock their potential to achieve results.
  • Mr. Devendra
    I got more than what I expected. Knowing my potential has increased my confidence about my future career. Counselling session explored me with suggestions that would surely help me in my career path.


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India


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