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The Learning Lab is a new-age digital learning solutions provider that offers the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, steady-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home.


The Learning Lab transforms Traditional Classrooms into engaging, learner-centric environment by integrating state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and professionally-developed multimedia learning modules. The digital components in ‘The Learning Lab Smart Class’ Comprise interactive display system which includes projector, speakers etc.

The interactive display system, coupled with specially designed The Learning Lab Smart Learning Solutions provide innovative features to facilitate the teaching-learning process, Teachers can write, erase, fill colours and draw shapes on the interactive board / LED screen with a touch and make use of time-saving virtual tools such as ruler, protector, calculator, maps and compass to teach learners, The work done on the board

The Learning Lab Smart study Tablets use Curriculum-alingned multimedia modules developed by subject-matter- experts having years of experience in teaching and pedagogy. These include interactive multimedia tools such as mindmaps, animations, virtual labs, etc. and are based UOfl three-pronged approach of Learn, Practice and Test for comprehensive learning.

  • ‘Learn’ enables through explanation of concepts through animations, mindmaps, videos, multimedia presentations.

  • ‘Practice’ leads to concept reinforcement through various interactive tools and activities.

  • ‘Test’ enables complete evaluation of learnt concepts through single and multiple chapter tests.

The teachers have

The Personalized Learning Program seamlessly integrates The Learning Lab Smart Class with individual devices of the learners. Every teacher and learner is equipped with a personal device uniquely programmed to simulate real-life education environment in the classroom. The learner devices synchronize with teacher’s device and interactive board in real-time, creating a collaborative learning environment. This enables personalized attention to each learner, thus achieving equity in education, these devices are preloaded with the curriculum aligned multimedia modules to achieve desired learning outcomes in-line with the curriculum. The teachers are relieved of the routine tasks of taking attendance, creating assessments etc., which can now be accomplished by a click, enabling them to

Career Assessment Programme is a comprehensive and unique tool that is designed to make learners future-ready, The programme entails a Psychometric Test followed by intensive counseling sessions. Psychometric test is a scientific method used to measure ability, skills and personality traits of any individual. These test are widely accepted and used across the globe by numerous institutions and universities to predict personality traits of individuals describing his/her abilities, interests and skills.

The test results give enough guidance to students and parents to choose the right career taking into account their aspirations, family values and individual abilities. They can be satisfied about the decision taken by their ward based upon the results of these test. The

The Job Workshop is a unique industry oriented training programme for college student as well as a unemployed person.

It is 45 Days long unique training programme which transform a youth in a ideal employ. It emphasize practical exposure and theoretical portion of industry need.

In this workshop we train all the necessary and required skill of industry such as sales, accounting, customer handling, well behave, team work, operation, floor management and other abilities which are required MSME Sectors.

In the context of current of globalized enironment, English language has become a necessary skill for excelling in career. The Learning Lab offers quality language learning assistance through EASY(English And Skills For Youth). It is an English language learning resource focusing on conversational as well as formal aspects of communication. It uses audio-visually enhanced modules and real-life scenarios to enable learning of English Language based on Learners’ existing knowledge of their mother tongue. The technology platform of EMILLY enables any language to be learnt through this application.

Aimed at enabling teachers to upgrade their skills in keeping with latest trends, pedagogy and technology, this programme entails training and developement that helps bridge important gaps and empower teachers with modern-day education skills and tools. Equipped with comprehensive resources and easy access to support, These modules enable teachers to pickup relevant skills with ease, thus helpinh them further improve learning outcomes.

Overview :

  • Promote awareness about contemporary teaching methods and assist teachers in acquiring new teaching competencies.

  • Sensitize teachers towards the needs and interests of students and enable them to become able mentors and facilitators of quality education.

  • Impart

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